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110 Cabot Street
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Coastal New England inspires my line of bold, color-punched pillows







Welcome to the Salty Cottage custom lettering pillow designs. 

Come up with meaningful letters and numbers for the perfect pillow design.  Design it for a gift or just for yourself.  Each pillow is hand made according to your design.  Lead times are 2 - 4 weeks.  Simply fill out the form to get your custom quote.  Prices on average are $89 a pillow.

Please fill out the following form for a custom quote.

All pillows have a linen color front and back. Each comes with eco-friendly insert.
Valid characters are A-Z and special characters: +,&. All letters assumed capital unless instructed below.
See above pictures for color samples. Background color of pillow is always linen color.
If ordering pillow(s) of a different design, please submit another form.
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